Topspin allows clients to focus on the high-value work by eliminating repetitive tedious work using smart automation technologies.

The product not only make employees concentrate on their core business functions, it also increases efficiency and productivity by reducing operational time and eliminating errors.

TopSpin - Costing

The tool automates a set role of a merchandiser by automatically extracting the data from a Bill of Material in order to generate a cost sheet for a specified order. The system has the capability to read a document in the form of excel, PDF etc and convert it to a costing sheet which are company used in the manufacturing ecosystem for placing an order. Furthermore, it will keep track of the changes that are made to the BOM and alerts the individual to check for the relevant changes if required.

  • Reduces es the dependency on a single individual
  • Creates a single platform for all costing related data
  • Ease of use
  • Historical analytics

Topspin - Accessory Verification

With nCinga Trims inspection software in place, we take away the headache of matching labels manually. It not only helps to reduce errors and language issues when matching but also takes away a significant time that is taken during the process. A label with 21 folds now can be checked for errors of print, language, care instruction, etc in less than 3 minutes.

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nCinga Spark

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