Businesses are data driven, yet they only use only 10% of the data available for decision making…

Most data residing in an organization are trapped in silos or they come in different variety, volume and velocity so that the data goes missing or un-captured. Global manufacturers are moving from mass production to mass customization, as consumers are demanding more personalized products.

This means now manufacturers have to handle the challenges associated with high mix low volume production cycles for products with shorter product lifecycles. These imperatives makes agility, and real-time visibility of the factory a key requirement for businesses to be relevant and competitive in the market places. Now they cannot afford to wait till end of the day to figure out what went wrong during the production run.


Real-Time Visibility

Smarter Manufacturing

Our nFactory solution brings the real-time visibility of the factory and makes most tedious repetitive tasks simple by using smart automation technologies.

  • nFactory is built on top of an event driven Industrial IoT platform which can capture any event from any source and trigger an action using real-time reactive technology.
  • nFactory comes with intelligent predictive analytics models to analyses defects, efficiency, down time etc. This helps management to playback or fast-forward the factory at any time anywhere.
  • nFactory solution will eliminate large number of sensors and replaces them with devices and cameras to capture events from commonly used gestures of production workers in production floors.


Technology Unleased

nFactory leverages the technology capabilities of IOT and smart event capturing to execute the following four simple steps:

Capture Events

React Real time to Events

Visualize and Organize Events in Orderly Fashion

Run the factory based on Data Driven Decisions

Event Capturing

Capture events in real-time and react to situations.

Platform Architecture

Understand how our unique layered architecture differentiates nFactory from standard IOT platforms.

Technological Fit

Learn how nFactory integrates into your manufacturing technology ecosystem.

Real-time insights on-the-go