nCinga’s Exquisite Experience at Start-UP S3

“Fear is the disease. Hustle is the Antidote.” – Travis Kalanick

We had always heard and seen some of the Start-UP reality shows, but going through this one was an absolutely amazing experience with full of excitement, surprises, thrill, nervousness, and fighting our way to success.

Getting up early mornings, travelling to different places, and long shooting hours were hard but it was all worth to showcase ourselves and share nCinga’s exciting start-up journey with Channel News Asia’s viewers across 24 territories.

We had an amazing journey which was all possible due to a very friendly bunch of people we came across during this TV show shooting be it the production staff or our fellow start-ups. Quickly we realized all the other finalists are also real smart people. And they were all here to win the competition. Game on from day one. We had our great moments, such as singing and dancing in Marina Bay Sands’ presidential suites’ Karaoke room to our weekend hangout to cocktail party evening with Kauffman Fellows.

Well we expected to that Start-UP S3 would be our platform to network with VC’s and other start-ups in the region but we also had a surprising news our way very soon as we started that we will get to pitch our start-up in front of VC’s from Kauffman Fellows, this definitely was a bonus offer to us as start-up to be heard by VC’s from all over like Japan, USA, Germany etc. and be able to connect with them.

We feel proud to share our magnificent experience in Start-UP S3 with friend, family, customers, partners, and others, it is outlandish to see their reactions and motivates us to continuously improve ourselves for the next best opportunity.

We always do things with a positive attitude to learn and with the ideology of always being your own competitor, this gives us the motivation to continuously improve ourselves for the next opportunity.