nCinga: Startup Story

Our Inspiring Story – We are a team of passionate people that wants to make a difference and create disruptive impact.

To liberate workers from industrial slavery to a future that machines and humans become co-workers and co-dependents. To create a world of digital assistance to help human and machines change the destinies of businesses.
We believe in industrial revolution where humans and machines can collaborate to create self-optimizing factories which respond to market demands in near real-time.

The avalanche of “on-demand” expectations and new customer experiences cannot be managed by increasing headcounts with more slavery. The future needs a factory with digitalization and technology embedded in the process to achieve this.

nCinga wants to make this dream a reality with our next generation factory called nFactory, a Cloud based IoT platform which can creates a digital virtual copy of production floor by collecting events using sensors, devices and machine-vision.

nCinga vision is to be the leader in Asia for Industrial IoT across multiple sectors, empowering businesses to make data drive decisions.