About us

The most innovative and inspiring inventions are often those that empower others to pursue a dream.

At nCinga we inspire and enable our clients, our people and partners to be transformers – to better their business, themselves and their lives. We embrace inclusion because we believe in trust. We support diversity because that means we can be truly multi-talented by bringing out the best in people. We believe in the journey, not just the destination because it is in the long run when lasting relationships are established.

We are passionate about our client’s continued success – to inspire transformation and innovation.


What we do

A dedicated team of specialists

We are transforming manfacturing companies with the adoption of Industry 4.0. We are using IoT technologies, real-time event capturing and processing, predictive analytics and mobility devices for a Smart Factory transformation. Our real-time industrial IoT platform is capable of solving everyday business problems on your factory floor - from the smallest to the most mission critical – as long as it matters to your business it matters to us. We avoid complexity and believe in simplicity. The industry transformation towards Industrie 4.0 has started and speed is of essence. We are here to work with you step by step to develop smarter and more efficient factories.

Our Values

  • At nCinga we embrace a culture of innovation where people come to work not because they have to but because they love to. We promote cultural diversity by creating an open and inclusive environment to drive innovations.
  • Our culture of family and friendship with strong bonds is of immense importance.  Friends and family will stick together in good times and bad to achieve common goals.
  • In this journey we always put our clients as our utmost priority.
  • We value long - term relationships with our client, our partners and our employees.
  • We do our 200% to make nCinga successful by achieving key milestones set forth by the founders and the board without compromising on our core values.
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nCinga Innovations

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